Learn How To Design And Plan Floor Plans

We share tips on how to think through developing a floor plan so that you maximize your space, create a functional and efficient layout, and plan for all your needs when designing your custom home. We start with understanding your lot size and determining your house footprint, balancing the relationship between interior design and exterior design and elevations, identifying your wish list and what rooms and spaces you want on each floor, and finally, designing your floor plan layout and space planning for furniture placement and good flow in your home. We discuss the trade-offs, considerations, and what to think about when starting the process of creating floor plans for your new home build.

We are actually building right across the street from our first custom home, and the new home is only going to get better! Follow along as we share everything on how to build a house – including costs to build a house, how to design floor plans, the construction process and steps, interior design decisions, selecting finishes, buying land and real estate considerations, and so much more!